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Monday, October 18, 2010

Improve your Application Performance with .NET Framework 4.0

Nice Article on CodeGuru. This processors we use today are quite different from those of just a few years ago, as most processors today provide multiple cores and/or multiple threads. With multiple cores and/or threads we need to change how we tackle problems in code. Yes we can still continue to write code to perform an action in a top down fashion to complete a task. This apprach will continue to work; however, you are not taking advantage of the extra processing power available. The best way to take advantage of the extra cores prior to .NET Framework 4.0 was to create threads and/or utilize the ThreadPool. For many developers utilizing Threads or the ThreadPool can be a little daunting. The .NET 4.0 Framework drastically simplified the process of utilizing the extra processing power through the Task Parallel Library (TPL). This article talks following topics “Data Parallelism”, “Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)” and “Task Parallelism”.

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