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Thursday, February 18, 2010

C#.NET vs VB.NET, Which language is better?


I cannot say any language good or bad as long as it's compiler can produce MSIL can run under .NET CLR.

If someone says C# has more futures, you can understand that those new features are of C# compiler but not .NET, because if C# has a specific future then CLR cannot understand them. So the new features of C# will have to convert to the code understood by CLR eventually. that means the new features are developed for C# compiler basically to facilitates the developer to write their code in better way.

so that means no difference in feature list between C# and VB.NET if you think in CLR perspective.

Ease of writing Code

I feel writing code in C# is easy, because my background is C and C++, Java, syntaxes very are similar. I assume most developers feel the same.


But some people say VB.NET code most readable for the members who are from non technical background, because keywords are generally in English rather special charectors.

No of Projects in Market

I assume 80 percent of market uses C# in their .NET development. for example in my company many projects are there .nET and all are using C#.

Productivity & Experience

though the feature list is same, generally developers wants to write code in their familiar languages. because it increase the productivity.

Hope this helps to choose the language which suits for you.

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BlackWasp said...

My preference is C# (and F#). That's not to say that VB is any less worthy. I just didn't want to concentrate on it. VB.NET is a little like earlier versions of VB (I used VB from versions 3 to 6). C# takes from C, Java and many other similar languages so is closer to a larger group. When new developers ask which to learn (assuming a .NET bias), I say C# because it increases your 'portability' as a developer.

I am now suggesting people learn some F# so they can see the benefits of the functional programming paradigm too. You can't have too wide a knowledge in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about F#. I havn't started yet. But I can say Lambda expressions are very useful in writing LINQ queries.

johnalphen said...

yah... your write.. i do agree with you....

Yasser Jaber said...

I like writing code in C# rather than writing code in I came come C++/Java background and it is much easier for me to write things in C#. for me it is not worth to let the programming language understandable by non-technical people, at the end of the day, they will not write code or adjust code.