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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Release: ImageGlue 7.0 .NET

When it comes to manipulating images dynamically there are few toolkits that can compete with ImageGlue 6 in terms of versatility and performance.

With extensive support for a huge range of graphic formats including JPEG2000, Very Large TIFF Support™, and fully multi-threaded processing, ImageGlue has proved a popular choice for use in ASP and ASP.NET server environments.

Now ImageGlue 7 has arrived, introducing support for 64-bit systems, improved PostScript handling, and many other enhancements.

We've also used the opportunity to revise the API, to make it more friendly and familiar to .NET coders. But don't worry about rewriting legacy code - you'll find the 'string parameter' interface is still available through the WebSupergoo.ImageGlue6 namespace.

So what's new in ImageGlue 7.0?

  • Support for 64-bit systems.
  • ImageGlue now incorporates the PostScript rendering engine as used by ABCpdf, our PDF component, which has proven to be fast, robust and accurate. This greatly improves support for importing and exporting PS, EPS, and PDF files, and also enables you to make use of powerful PostScript drawing operations for drawing to canvas.
  • Leveraging ABCpdf's powerful vector graphics import and export functionality also makes it possible to interoperate with XPS and MS Office documents.
  • An improved API with new classes, methods and properties, more in keeping with normal .NET development.
  • Plus of course the usual range of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

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