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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 - Add Reference Dialog Improvements

Before going to VS2010 Add Reference Dialog, we shall have look at VS2008 Add reference dialg and its drawbacks.

Add Reference Dialog in VS 2008

The slow performance of the “Add Reference” dialog in previous releases of Visual Studio has been a common complaint that many a developer (including yours truly) has ranted about.

Previous releases of VS opened the “Add Reference” dialog on the “.NET” tab by default – and when that tab was loaded VS would synchronously scan the global assembly cache (GAC) retrieving .NET assembly information.  Because the GAC scan was done on the UI thread, it would freeze the IDE until the scan completed – which meant that you couldn’t cancel the operation, even if you didn’t want to use that tab. 

Because GAC scans can often take awhile (if you have lots of assemblies installed and/or a slow hard drive), you could end up having to wait a really long time for the dialog to respond.

Add Reference Dialog in VS 2010

The Beta2 release of VS 2010 introduces a few welcome changes to the “Add Reference” dialog behavior that significantly improves its performance. 

The first improvement is that the “Add Reference” dialog in continue

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