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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Infragistics NetAdvantage Update November 2009

Killer Apps on the Web! NetAdvantage for Web Client 2009 Vol. 2 Now Available

Want Killer Apps on the Web? Infragistics NetAdvantage for Web Client 2009 Vol. 2 is now available. With new ASP.NET controls like WebHierarchicalDataGrid™, WebMonthCalendar™, WebEditors™ and more, you'll infuse your Web apps with the "Wow-factor!" Plus, the new Silverlight controls for Line of Business - with Drag and Drop Framework, xamWebSlider™, xamWebContextMenu™ and more, allow you to impress your end users like never before. Download the trial version and begin creating Killer Apps today.

Magic, Mind-Controlled Interfaces and What Makes an Experience Architect on Pixel8

In the latest installment of Pixel8, Rick Barraza of Cynergy returns to discuss magic, storytelling, mind control interfaces and even a little development! According to Rick, a true experience design mixes elements you may not automatically attribute to software design. Using these unexpected elements along with the tried-and-true principles of user interface design, usability and information design, help you craft polished experiences.

Get the Power to Create a Killer App

When an electrochemical reaction animated the dormant cells in a powerful egg, Gort was hatched. With special powers and abilities to infuse ordinary applications with UIs that have extreme functionality, complete usability and the "wow-factor", Gort empowers Killer Apps. Hear Gort's story, play a game, and learn how you can create your own Killer Apps at

Party Like It's 1989!

Going to PDC? Make sure you stop by the Infragistics booth (#301) during the Expo Hall Reception on Tuesday, November 17th, and party with us like it's 1989. As part of Infragistics's 20th birthday celebration, we will be serving cake, rockin' out to some killer 80s tunes, and giving party favors to all who stop by. What's more, the first 150 people at the booth during the Expo Hall Reception can hatch a Gort egg for a chance to win great prizes including licenses for NetAdvantage® for .NET and NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization, NetAdvantage ICONS, or a Microsoft® Zune® digital media player!

Friend Gort on Facebook sm

Since Gort made his public debut, he has really begun to dig the social media scene. If you are on Facebook, make sure you friend him so you can see what he is up to, see some of his recent photos and learn more about the guy who can help you create a Killer App!

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