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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 BUGs, suggestions, Feedback


IDE: VS2010 Beta 1 Team Suite.
Though I pressed on "Save All" either from
1. ToolBox
2. File -> Save All.
still * icon is being shown for Project Properties Tab.

Steps to Re-produce the issue.
1. Create WPF User Control Library Project.
1. Open Project Properties
2. Change Assembly Name to some new name.
Press Save All Icon
[BUG]Still shows Start after Project Properties Tab.
Press Save All from Menu -> File -> Save All
[BUG]Still shows Start after Project Properties Tab.


IDE: VS2010 Beta 1 Team Suite.
[BUG] Properties are not dispplaying in Property Box.

Steps to re-produce
1. Open WPF User Control Project.
3. Open UserControl.xaml
4. Drop any component and select it.
5. Open Solution Explorer.
6. Open Property window.
Now Solution Explorer and Property window both will display Top and Bottom at right side of IDE
7. Now Close Solution Explorer.

[BUG][BUG][BUG] All properties in Property window disappear suddently though the component is selected ( in step4)

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Diva said...

is there more bugs in RC product??

Wicca TheTruth said...

Okay, to Microsoft, Please make extend glass margin easier to use windows forms properties, there should be a property called "Glass Margin" that extends the glass margin on a form for you without all the work done by the programmer, Please if possible; why cant there be a update for visual studio .net, c#, c++ express and full version the software with this fix in mind, cant thank you enough, I hope my voice is heard!