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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

infragistics - NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization 2009 Volume 2!

High-end, High Performance Web-based Data Visualization Experiences
This second version is focused on improving the mapping control to deliver an unbelievable user experience. We’ve added other features that make this the ultimate package for those of you focused on communicating information clearly and effectively through graphical means such as charts, gauges, timelines and maps.

Flexibility, Power and Usability When Building BI Apps
New enhancements to the xamWebMap allow you and your users to pull information from more places like Microsoft® bing™ maps, CloudMade, and OpenStreetMap into your Silverlight mapping applications. And, we’ve made it possible to pull both GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY data types from geo-spatial databases like Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 using the new SqlShapeReader object. More maps to create more killer apps!

Present Data Clearly and Cleanly
Get controls that simplify the visual representation of large quantities of information in graphical ways. A graph designed to show a lot of information in one place, the new xamWebBulletGraph™ helps you deliver a clear and concise view of key performance indicators in Silverlight dashboards.

The xamWebChart™ has been enhanced to include chart cross hairs which is a graphical display that helps users clearly see the relationship between points on the graph, and their corresponding X- and/or Y-axis values. Each line can be independently styled to have the line style (solid, dashed, dotted, etc.), thickness and color you want.

Quickly Achieve Rich, Advanced Silverlight Data Visualization at a Very Low Price
For only $595, 445 EUR, 385 GB, NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization is a comprehensive collection of User Interface Controls to Build Rich Dashboards, Visualize Business Data and Empower Decision Makers. You can create high-end BI applications without writing a lot of code.

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