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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

C#: Connect To Oracle Database With No Oracle Client Install Needed (Winform DataGridView Loading Example)

This article demonstrates in a step by step fashion the easiest, and frankly fastest way to connect to an Oracle database using C#. The goal is to not have to install the huge Oracle Client either on the development machine nor the target machine the code will run on. This example creates a winform and inserts the content into a DataGridView for quick viewing. The code below is base on .Net 3.5.

  1. Oracle has an Oracle Database Instant Client which is a set of Dlls which can be XCopy installed onto the development and target PC to allow Oracle database access without installing the full Oracle client. In future steps we will include those target Dlls to be copied to the target output folder with the executable. Download the appropriate package and add Dlls to a folder of your choice on the PC.
  2. In Visual Studio create a Winform Project. From the Solution Explorer and within the project create a subfolder named Oracle Dlls.
  3. Add the reference to the project of System.Data.OracleClient to the project..
  4. In Studio again select the folder created in step 2 and select Add->Existing Item,and iInsert all the top level Oracle Dlls from step one into the the directory into the folder; unless for some reason you need previous versions all those dlls at the top level should be fine.  More

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