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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ASP.NET Tutorial for Traditional ASP Developers

All too often, developers spend considerable time working with a single technology. They become deeply immersed in the nuances of building solutions with it, but unable to find time to keep up with other technologies. When they have a chance to look into an alternate technology, it may be well past the 1.0 release. This can make it very difficult to find relevant learning content that is both current and inclusive of previous versions. This course is designed to help ASP developers learn the nuances of building web applications with ASP.NET, without presuming existing knowledge of earlier versions of the technology. Syntax in ASP.NET is compared to its usage in ASP, to guide the developer through similar concepts in ASP.NET. Labs offer the developer a chance to work in hands-on scenarios with ASP.NET. This track should enable ASP developers to quickly learn the relevant core skills of ASP.NET, and provide foundational knowledge to get started down the path of building web applications with Visual Studio.

Level 1: Developing Web Applications – Tooling
In this module, we will discuss the development tools that will help you quickly get started building ASP.NET applications.

Level 2: ASP.NET Syntax for ASP Developers
In this module, we will compare ASP.NET syntax with ASP syntax, so that ASP developers can easily see how to do things in ASP.NET that they are familiar with from an ASP perspective.

Level 3: Programming WebForms
In this module, we’ll introduce the concept of Web Forms, and how you can use them to group controls as you build your web site.

Level 4: Web Configuration
Many web sites benefit from settings that span multiple pages within the site. This module will introduce web configuration files, which are a great way to store this type of information.

Level 5: Programming Web Events
Web events are a way to notify your application when some specific item of interest occurs in your web application. This topic will introduce how you can use web events to make your ASP.NET applications more responsive.

Level 6: State Management
As visitors move through your web application, it often makes sense to track data on the server, so the application can quickly access information to give the user a better experience. This module will discuss various aspects of state management, and optimal times to choose each technique. more

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