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Monday, April 20, 2009

20 New Features of .netCHARTING v5.3

Rich ToolTip Support
Complex tooltips are now supported with inline formatted image text, MicroCharts, InfoGrids and even full chart previews ideal for drilldown cases.

MicroChart Data Feature Additions
Significant additions have been made to make creating and populating MicroCharts effortless. New functionality includes sub value date grouping, simplified subvalue creation and enhanced calculation methods for sub values.

Organizational Chart Zooming
Advanced pan and scroll support has been added for organizational charts. Now you can easily view an org chart of any size and click to expand or contract nodes within the org hierarchy. As always, organizational charts support simple binding to your database data and advanced annotation formatting and shading to ensure your charts look exceptional.

Organization Chart Drill Down
A .netCHARTING first, org charts now support drill down in addition to expansion. This gives a unique view of charts contained to a single viewing pane with the ability to drill down into or back out of the hiearchy while maintaining a fixed view without scrolling. Level support further complements this feature by allowing more data to be displayed in one frame at a given time.

Organizational Chart Indicators
Unique visualizations are provided for nodes to indicate if they support expansion or contraction. In addition, you can easily customize the display with your own images for actions such as node addition, removal, or expansion / contraction operations.

Dynamic Organization Chart Creation
With .netCHARTING it is simple to create a web based form for dynamic org chart creation. Simply click on a org level to add a node below it or remove a given node all from a easy to use web interface. A sample for dynamic org chart creation is included with .netCHARTING.

Organization Chart Expansion
Expansion allows an organizational chart to grow as nodes are expanded. Here too, there is flexibility for display when using AJAX pan and scroll; the chart can maintain its size or, within a fixed window, elements can be sized smaller on expansion to fit within the specified window. .netCHARTING now provides one of the most advanced organization charting feature sets of any product. As always, these advanced add-ons are included with every .netCHARTING license with no additional cost.

Object Chart Creation
Now you can easily create small chart images from labels and annotations. These charts are particularly well suited for usage in previews, tooltips and dashboard implementations.

Background Shading
The chart background box now supports shading in addition to the chart area box. Two new shading effects specifically designed for use in backgrounds have been added in this release.

Mapping Interactivity Enhancements
.netCHARTING includes advanced mapping functionality with every license purchase; no add-on required! The latest version now supports rich tooltips on maps which can include images and text data along with hotspot interactivity.

Map Shape Annotations
All map shapes now support annotations. Now it is simple to click and view detailed information for a given map location within an annotation. You can also tune the visuals of the generated annotations to specifically match your applications requirements.

MicroChart Feature Additions
A new Image MicroChart including Image sizing and rotation allows for innovative use of MicroCharts as labels for chart elements. The possibilities are endless and options can be controlled programmatically based on your own database data.

New MicroChart Scale Option
A new bottom scale gives additional scale layout functionality for MicroCharts.

MicroChart Interactivity
Interactivity support has been added with the new tooltip and url support for MicroCharts. Using Image MicroChart with URL setting allows for creating clickable icons.

Annotation Size Customization
It is now possible to set annotation size directly as well as dynamically size contents in width or height while the other dimension is automatically sized based on the contents.

Pie Annotation Orientation
The pie chart type presents a unique visual challenge for annotations. A specifically tuned orientation enables annotations to ring the outside of the pie, preventing the pie itself from being obstructed.

Sample Search
The sample browser now offers a search option. An API member or keyword can be used to instantly find all related samples and improve productivity.

AJAX Zoomer Category Support
Now you can zoom, pan and scroll category axis charts (such as names or text) in addition to numeric or date axis. You can also specify the zoom starting position and control the axis ticks which determines scale. Large charts have never been simpler to display regardless of if they are employee results by name, product sales by product or any other possibilities.

New Token Support
The powerful .netCHARTING token system has continued to be expanded with token support for ID and ParentID for organizational charts along with new calculation based additions for PercentOfSeriesMax, PercentOfMax and PercentOfGroupMax. Now you can inline these values simply be using the template token and the chart will render with the calculated value specific to the object used.

New Visibility Options
Simply control the visibility of a given subvalue or line with the new Visible properties added for these objects.

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