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Friday, November 28, 2008

NDepend Code Analysis Tool

NDepend is a tool that simplifies managing a complex .NET code base. Architects and developers can analyze code structure, specify design rules, plan massive refactoring, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code.
The result is better communication, improved quality, easier maintenanceand faster development.

So it is a massive code analysis tool, analyse every aspect of your code and produces informative reports with detailed matrices, diagrams and charts that should help you improve your code.

Code Query Language CQL:

NDepend as a cool feature called CQL Code Query Language. It is fun because you can query your code to display some information related to a specific matrix or set of matrices.
For example I want to display list of methods that has MethodRank > 10 I could write something like:


Online Demos:

NDepend web site is rich of online demos that will guide you on how to use NDepend and maximize its usage to assist you to analyse your projects' code.


NDepend is time saver & quality guide. It will point you to the areas of your code can't reach by manual analysis and review. Try it and you'll never regret that you did. You can find Code Analysis Tool NDepend Tutorials

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