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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Software Architecture and Design Series 2 ---- Do you know?

Different flavors of Architects:

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects ensure convergence between business needs and technologies by establishing architectural guidelines such as enterprise conceptual data models or, in service-oriented environments, business service interfaces. For each project, they must validate that the technical solution design by the software architect complies with the corporation’s network policies and capabilities. It is interesting to note that the job of the enterprise architect is not terribly technical: It requires technical understanding, but to an equal degree it requires understanding business issues and business needs.

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure architects are highly technical. They ensure the safe and productive deployment and operation of enterprise applications. This involves managing hardware, network and operating systems, as well as the so-called infrastructure services, including security, logging, and error management.

Solution Architect

The general expectation is that folks filling this role have the ability to architect and design holistic solutions that integrate a spectrum of technologies. It is expected that the individual has had significant hands-on exposure to a broad set of technologies that span the spectrum of areas of pertinence to IT solutions of relevance to the business domain. Put another way, this could also be described as the “has been in the trenches” requirement. Developing this level of experience takes a significant amount of time and inevitably implies hands on exposure to writing code to address a variety of requirements that would have required depth exposure to different areas over time.

The goal of the solutions architect is to develop solutions that support the business plan. As such, you must identify and apply appropriate technologies around the business plan to foster a solution that meets business plan goals through user adoption, productivity, and/or financial gains.

Software/Application Architect

Software architects design the technical solution of the entire application. The logical and physical structure that they conceive must simplify the technical work and be within the technical capabilities of the development team.

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