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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Windows 7 appears in June 2009

The successor of Windows Vista next year in June. Hardware manufacturers will be later this year with a beta supply. The new Windows will not, as initially suspected, on a new kernel but up to Vista.

Windows 7 Wallpapers

It is actually not, dasa Microsoft by the unloved Vista users will quickly replace. Whether a new Windows, which is based on Vista, but much better remains to be seen. The previously suspected redevelopment without system breaking environmental liabilities, would certainly be the better choice.

Since the end of last week rumors brodelt the kitchen around the new Windows version. A beta should be completed this year the way to customers. The finished version will, according to internal Microsoft roadmap for June 2009, knows the industry sheet Internet News report. Also confirmed is the release date of the beta version released to the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), 27October. The first hardware manufacturers have already early-7 Windows versions, so that the compatibility of your products. For ordinary developer is the new operating system is still not available.

Contrary to early rumors Windows 7 is based not on a specially developed kernel but includes Windows Vista. The publication date is mid-2009, currently appears quite realistic. Whether Microsoft him but actually to comply or it shifts again, like when Vista is currently unclear.

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