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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Programming Microsoft ASP NET Book Review

More advanced than many other books on the subject, this title uses a task-based approach to craft a balanced presentation of the inner workings of ASP.NET technology and to provide extensive hands-on code examples. Programmers can plug these code examples into their own projects to learn the ins and outs of the technology and to build and deploy ready-made solutions quickly#151;making it the ideal comprehensive resource for developers who want to learn ASP.NET and start building ASP.NET-based applications right away.

1 Star If your writing an MS Book you should use their product.

I was hoping for something more along the line of Murach’s ASP.NET with VB.NET where the examples are done using the IDE. That’s why I never cared to much for Petzoid, except in the very beginning when all there was was Quick C for Windows. Murach’s C# book is great if you just want to do Windows apps, but they do not cover ASP.NET using the language. I’m really sorry I spent the money on this book.

It seems crazy to resort to what could be line edited code when you have a very powerful tool.

1 Star Itermediate or Not …
Look, I’ve been programming for 20 years now, and I have read my fair share of books on the topics. ASP.NET is a new environment to me, but it’s not foreign. I understand the concepts and I understand OOP.

My gripe with this book is this, his code samples on page 800 reference code written on page 400, which means you have to read all 1100+ pages to understand what he’s talking about at any given point. You can’t just flip open to a section on the topic you want and read.

Additionally, the title of the book is “Programming Microsoft ASP.NET” and it contains over 1100 pages. I would think that some portion of that would be dedicated to developing web applications.

To be fair, he does offer some insite on the topics of IIS, security, server processes, XML, the file system, extending controls, mobile compatibility, etc. etc.

But, he simply dances around the things that are really core to developing a web based application. His primary focus is on presenting data, without presenting ways to interact with it. Just being able to present data, without the ability to interact with it is not an application, it’s a brochure.

1 Star Not Good!
Just plain horrible. You’ll find some code…. after flipping 40 pages or so.

2 Stars not a good book for beginner
If you are new to ASP.NET, this is not a good book for you. I don’t understand why the author did not have the actual code in the download samples. If he don’t want to share his code, why bother to write the book? We the beginners need to have the actual code to play with it, not just reading the examples!!!

5 Stars Excellent. Dont listen to the whiners
This book is an excellent buys. He goes over everthing in details.

The code samples arent all there but If you buying a book for code samples surf the web and save your money.

He beautifully describes every single aspect of .NET. Anyone who says that book is anything less of excellent needs thier head examined.

If you need code write it yourself and use the book as a guide. The way computer books are intended.

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