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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.NET IRON Speed Designer

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Automatically generate .NET web applications straight from your database!


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Marketing just asked for a data entry and reporting app. No sweat! You'll have it built and deployed this afternoon.

Reporting & tracking apps
Data entry & management
Workflow & scheduling apps
Administrative apps
Business process automation
Prototyping & proof-of-concept

Simply point to an existing database and let the Iron Speed Designer wizards build a sophisticated, database-driven application that's easy to customize and ready to deploy. In just minutes, Iron Speed Designer generates your application's Web pages, user interface code and data access logic. Learn more...

Generating an N-Tier Architecture

Most Web 2.0 applications are built on an N-tier architecture comprised of:

  • Web pages — the ASPX web pages comprising an application.
  • Presentation Layer — the web-based user interface including database-connected forms, tables, and reports.
  • Application or Business Layer — C# or Visual Basic .NET application functionality.
  • Data Access Layer — SQL and transaction management code.
  • Stored procedures — database server-resident SQL.

Implementing transaction-based Web 2.0 applications can be difficult because of the stateless nature of the web. Because web applications are stateless, they can require complex database management to implement complicated transactions, especially those spanning multiple web pages such as multi-page data input wizards. While a client-side browser can display pages, it can't be used to implement database transaction logic. As a result, the server-side application must coordinate and manage every aspect of these database transactions.


Iron Speed Designer generates a complete N-tier application.

The next sections show how Iron Speed Designer generates each of these layers.

See What Our Customers Have Built

Our customers report saving weeks of time - and thousands of dollars - building applications with Iron Speed Designer. Join thousands of other developers who do more with less.

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