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Monday, September 15, 2008

MsSharePointAppPool, Web.Config, <add name=”MyConnectionString”


SinceLast 2-3 days I have been trying to deploy a website to the clients Production Server and facing a problem that My Websites Login page is opening fine but when i enter my UserName and Password and submit booom a blank Page no entry in IIS event Log and also  no entry in my applications Log files to … I googled and tried following

1) May be Events are not triggering/firing on Button Click.

  • For testing this scenario i have created a sample website and just  two pages one page having a button and onclick of the button i am forwarding it to second page and deployed the website to the production and found it is working fine.
  • Also tried this also

2) May Be Database is not connecting

  • Added one ajax call on Login Page to test whether data is coming form database or not and found it is coming.

3) My website is having Form Authentication i thought might be user is not authenticated properly.

  • For testing this scenario may be this process you don’t like :( but i don’t have any choices left I changed all the Authentication process to Simple Session based (Windows Authentication in Web.Config ) a total of 500 code changes i had made to make web site working fully fine. Deployed it on production again and tested again  same problem .

Production Environment :

OS: Windows 2003 Server

Database: Oracle 10g

Asp.Net Version: Net Framework 2.0

Today My Problem Solved:

  • On IIS > Websites > My Website > Properties > Home Directory >Application Pool , I changed it to MsSharePointAppPool.
  • Changed Following Line In Web.Config entry

    <add name=”MyConnectionString” connectionString=”Data Source=Entry of tnsnames.ora ; User ID=myID; Password=MyPwd”/>


    <add name=”MyConnectionString” connectionString=”Server=ServerIP;Data Source=Entry of tnsnames.ora ; User ID=myID; Password=MyPwd”/>

And Bang WebSite is started Working Great ……… 

Please do post your experiences if you also faced similar issues in your website deployment to.

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