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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Microsoft to Speed Up Windows 7 Release

image According to the last rumors available on the web, Microsoft might have decided to speed up the release of its future OS, aka Windows 7. The new dead-line could now be June 2009, so about 2 years after the launch of the current version, Vista, a rather short period between 2 major releases. While sale figures remains excellent, majority of users downgrade their OS from Vista to XP, and the overall usage of Vista on PC does not take off. In addition, HP is currently evaluating the option of developing its own Linux to be provided as the default OS in its computer models.
The recent advertising campaign featuring Seinfeld and Gates, and worth 300 millions USD, does not seem to have modified the tendency for Vista. Microsoft is now facing stronger competitors with Linux and Mac OS X, while not being able to stop the support on Windows XP. The problem for Microsoft is not the lower than expected financial results, but the fact of loosing market shares while originally being an unreachable leader.
This earlier release of Windows 7 would also be a challenge for Apple. Indeed, with Snow Leopard, the company has decided to slow down evolution on the GUI and concentrate on modifying and optimizing deep layers of the code and the OS to speed it up, and to pave the way of the development for the next decade while being able to benefit from future hardware revolution. Apple might have to revise its plan and face a new Windows version earlier than expected. On the other end, several points indicate that Windows 7 could only be a refreshment of Vista, and not really an entirely new version and it could explain why Microsoft can speed up such release.

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