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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF

image Infragistics, a provider of interface development tools, announces the availability of NetAdvantage for JSF 2008 Volume 2 The solution provides a set of pre-tested components based on JSF, which allows developers to facilitate Java user interfaces, also allow the Ajax-the ability to create Web 2.0 applications.

New features are, according to the manufacturer:

  • Cell Activation in WebGrid: to enable users in a cell WebGrid "focus" and this focus with the keyboard to move around freely.
  • Aggregate Functions in WebGrid Footers Column: This fulfils the expectations of users a description of the calculation results, such sum, average, among other things, in the style of spreadsheets. In WebGrid built is now the function of the underlying column values to calculate and at the bottom of view.

In addition, another three-enabled Ajax Early-access feature is installed, as a preview and feedback possibility for future technologies are announced, these are WebDropDown, WebTree drag and drop and javascript event handling.

All components support JSF 1.2. The source code is attached to each order and therefore allowed where appropriate, the adaptation of the tools.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for Letting me know this information about Infragistics NetAdvantage for JSF. Hope Infragistics controls give more advantage to java programmers than J2EE programmers because As per my knowledge J2EE programmers always struggle with UI components.
So it is a gift to J2EE Programmers.