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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ASP.NET Pages with Flip4Mac WMV Player

image.NET Programmers do work with different audio video players based on their requirements. In this context here we are providing the features of Flip4Mac WMV Player

* Improved WMV playback in Safari
* Improved Safari and Camino compatibility
* Fixed miscellaneous crashes

* Fixed security issues reported by Drew Yao of Apple Product Security

* Improved output results when using DV .mov source in Studio and Silverlight
* Fixed Flip4Mac Studio "Parameter out of range" issue
* Fixed transition rendering issue when using Flip4Mac 2.2 with Final Cut Express

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Anonymous said...

que es esto?????

Anonymous said...

Good to see this new 3rd party player. But first I need to find the cost of this or it is free.