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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot to do Silverlight .NET hosting

Discount ASP NET site is providing Hosting for .NET applications from many days.

Now it introduces the silverlight support features also.

This site provides different packages to host the .net applications one of the package is  CUTTING-EDGE .NET HOSTING TECHNOLOGY.

In this package they are offering silverlight capabilities also.
here find the features of Discountasp net features.

microsoft windows 2003 hosting Windows 2003 Hosting
iis6 hosting IIS 6.0 Hosting
isolated application pool hosting Isolated Application Pool
secure hosting with isolated application pools Each Site in Own App Pool
       for secure, reliable hosting
asp .net hosting with multiple application support Host Multiple Applications

.NET 3.0 hosting NEW .NET 3.0 Hosting
.NET Framework 3.0 hosting .NET Framework 3.0 Hosting
.net framework 3 hosting with windoes communication foundation Communication Foundation
.net 3 hosting with windows presentation foundation Presentation Foundation
.net framework 3 host with windows workflow foundation Workflow Foundation
dotnet framework 3 with windows cardspace Windows CardSpace ajax hosting NEW ASP.NET AJAX Hosting
atlas hosting formerly Atlas Hosting ajax control toolkit hosting compatible AJAX Control Toolkit OK
silverlight hosting compatible Silverlight Compatible [demo] 2.0 hosting ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting enterprise library hosting Enterprise Library OK
.NET Framework 2.0 hosting .NET Framework 2.0 Hosting
.NET Framework 1.1 hosting .NET Framework 1.1 Hosting
hosting 1.1 web applications ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting
asp hosting: hosting asp applications Classic ASP Hosting (ASP 3.0)
microsoft access database hosting Microsoft Access Hosting
access hosting with unlimited dsn Unlimited DSN
microsoft access 2007 hosting MS Access 2007 Supported
microsoft webhosting with dsn less connection support DSN-Less Connection OK
asp .net webhosting with c# support VB.NET, C# webhosting with code behind support CodeBehind website hosting with .net dll support .NET DLL asp .net application hosting with bin directory /bin Folder
hosting applications with customizable global asax support Customisable global.asax
hosting .net applications with customizable web config support Customisable web.config webhost with multiple application root support Multiple Application Roots webhosting with web services support Web Services Supported hosting with ado support ADO, ADO.NET
windows server hosting with ms xml 6 xaml xml6 MSXML 6, XAML
asp .net webhosting provider with soap wsdl SOAP, WSDL
.net webhosting service with wap wml WAP, WML
windows 2003 webhosting provider with web service enhancement wse 3.0 WSE 3.0 hosting with SQLXML 4.0 SQLXML4
free iis7 hosting beta program FREE IIS7 Hosting (beta)

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