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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Web Services Software Factory-WSSF

What Is the Service Factory?

Generally speaking, software factories represent a collection of guidance that helps architects and developers build a specific kind of application. Therefore, the Service Factory helps developers and architects build Web service applications. Web service applications are more than just the technologies that send and receive SOAP messages and expose WSDL contracts—they also include the functionality that is needed to fulfill the service's behavior. Figure 1 illustrates the parts of the application, and their relationship with one another, the Service Factory will help you build.

Figure 1. Structure of a service built with the Service Factory

If you are already building services using WCF, the Service Factory also helps you build and secure those services.

The Service Factory provides the following benefits:

· Increased quality. It provides tested and accepted reusable assets, guidance, and examples that address common scenarios and challenges. It is based on patterns derived from proven industry and Microsoft practices.

· Increased predictability. The patterns & practices team works closely with the development teams responsible for building current and future generations of service and data access technologies. All services built with the Service Factory will be built in a predictable way, arrive at a predictable result, and will enable a predictable migration path to future technologies.

· Increased productivity. It includes automated code and configuration file generation for Visual Studio 2005. With this automation, developers can easily apply guidance in consistent and repeatable ways. Developers can also effectively use the .NET Framework without having to devote significant time to learning the necessary APIs.

· Increased flexibility.

The Service Factory is carefully designed according to proven practices, but it is also open and highly customizable. Architects and development leads can customize the factory to include the conventions, policies, and practices specific to a team or organization.

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