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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dead-end for Microsoft ?

Many people say Microsoft has reached a dead-end with all its buggy products. But why do you think it’s products are still out there in the market?  Why do you think it has millions of customers all over the world?


It is because people on earth are so used to its ease-of-use products that they can not simply imagine their lives without it.  Can you imagine your life at work for 1hr without Microsoft office? Unbearable! Isn’t it? I understand :-)

Critics were continuously pointing the impact of open source against Microsoft. As a matter of fact they are  correct to some extent. But who could ignore the presence of such a giant?  “We are tensed about the MS-Yahoo deal” says a Google insider.

Even though the MicroHoo will have a smaller share in search world than Google, will Google dare to ignore this tie? Is Google not tensed about the number of Yahoo accounts? (500 million Hotmail and Yahoo Mail users compared to the 51 million who use Gmail.)?  Is it not afraid of number of customers this tie-up can reach to?A million dollar question which time has to answer.

Source: dotlife

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