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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Writing/Developing Facebook Applications in .NET using Facebook.NET SDK

You know how Facebook is getting popularity nowadays. If you are really interested about facebook and you are .NET professional, I know the options provided by facebook web application are not enough to you. So this article provides how can you extend your facebook features with .NET Framework using Facebook.NET SDK.

For the .NET Profetionals like you Microsoft has released the Facebook Developer Kit. You can install this Facebook.NET with Visual Studio 2008 and start developing applications for Facebook as you wish.

Senior Platform Manager of Facebook Dave Morin says

"Facebook Platform empowers developers to utilize the social graph – the network of connections through which people communicate and share information – like never before. And, by building tools that ordinary people can use to develop experience on top of the social graph, Microsoft helps people define their experience on Facebook."

First If you do not have the Facebook account yet, create here

Currently Facebook.NET SDK is available in five versions
Download Facebook.NET SDK Version 1.0
Download Facebook.NET SDK Version 1.1
Download Facebook.NET SDK Version 1.2
Download Facebook.NET SDK Version 1.3
Download Facebook.NET SDK Version 1.5

Facebook .NET Developer Kit Contains:

  • Full source code in both the .NET laguages Visual Basic and Visual C#
  • Samples Programes for each and every Facebook SDK controls.
  • Samples available for Windows Forms, and also for Microsoft Vista WPF
  • Built with Popfly Technology.
  • New Drag and Drop controls supported to Facebook comes with Visual Studio 2008
  • FacebookService API
  • Album Class
  • Photo Class
  • FacebookEvent Class
  • Group Class
  • GroupUser Class
  • User Class
  • SchoolHistory Class
  • HighSchool Class
  • HigherEducation Class
  • Network Class
  • Location Class
  • Work Class
  • AsyncFacebookServices
  • Photo API
  • Canvas Base pages to Facebook.WebControls
  • Ajax samples with IFrame
  • Silverlight Examples with IFrame
  • New PublishStory and PublishAction interfaces
  • CreateAlbum Interface
  • GetFriendsNonAppUsers methods

By using this SDK you can develop the facebook applications in two varieties.

  • IFrame-based Applications
  • FBML-based Applications

Facebook - IFrame vs. FBML: FBML is very closer to HTML. It is very easy to use and give very good performence. because of this all the facebook application development has been done in FBML so far. But the drawbacks are you can not really work with Javascript fully and if you want to work with your existing site you need to cnvert your entire site with FBML.

Now enjoy writing Facebook applications in .NET using Facebook .NET

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