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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

.NET Interview Questions and FAQs

ASP.NET 2.0 Interview Questions
C# Interview Questions
ADO.NET Interview Questions
ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions
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ASP Interview Questions
ASP.NET Interview Questions
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DotNet Interview Questions
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Microsoft.NET Interview Questions
Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions
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C# Interview Questions

24 Aug 2006 by Dutt
What’s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class’ set method? Value, and its datatype depends on whatever variable we’re changing. How do you inherit from a class in C#? Place a colon and then the name of the ...
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ASP.NET Interview Questions
24 Aug 2006 by Dutt
1. Describe the role of inetinfo.exe, aspnet_isapi.dll andaspnet_wp.exe in the page loading process. inetinfo.exe is theMicrosoft IIS server running, handling ASP.NET requests among other things.When an ASP. ...
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.NET Windows Forms Interview Questions
24 Aug 2006 by Dutt
Write a simple Windows Forms MessageBox statement. System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Hello, Windows Forms");; Can you write a class without specifying namespace? Which namespace does it belong to by default? ...
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.NET Remoting Interview Questions24 Aug 2006 by Dutt
What’sa Windows process? It’s an application that’s running and had been allocated memory. What’s typical about a Windows process in regards to memory allocation? Each process is allocated its own block of available RAM space, ...
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5000+ .NET Interview questions - Dutt
11 Mar 2007 by Dutt ...
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.NET Interview Questions by Dutt Part 2
8 Jan 2007 by Dutt
What is .NET? ------------- .NET is a "revolutionary new platform, built on open Internet protocols and standards, with tools and services that meld computing and communications in new ways". A more practical definition would be that . ...
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.NET, Server Server, ADO.NET, Assembly, Remoting Interview Questions
13 Feb 2007 by Dutt
1 What is Code Refactoring? Answer 2 What is Property? Answer 3 What does the term immutable mean? Answer 4 What is Class ? Answer 5 ASP.Net Web Matrix ? Answer 6 Web.config file in ASP.NET ? Answer 7 IIS port number? How We get it ? ...
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