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Thursday, January 25, 2007

.NET Obfuscator and .NET Efficiency Enhancing Tool

.NET Obfuscator - Dotfuscator is the leading choice for .NET code protection. Its code protection is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. The Dotfuscator Professional obfuscator is:

  • the ISV's choice to protect valuable intellectual property.
  • Industry's choice to protect against internal and external hacking threats to .NET code.
  • Microsoft's choice for code protection and obfuscation. For enterprise protection, Microsoft uses Dotfuscator Professional to obfuscate their .NET code. And when Microsoft sought a .NET obfuscator to introduce developers to obfuscation, they chose a lite version of our .NET obfuscator for use in Visual Studio.
  • Your choice for unparalleled code protection and obfuscation, seamless integration, and superior support.

Obfuscator Maximizes Code Protection, Enhances .NET Performance and Deployment

Our obfuscator for .NET protects intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer applications. Unprotected applications can easily be reverse engineered by decompiler tools. Our .NET obfuscator's patented technology counters this threat by transforming applications-- renaming identifiers to meaningless characters, obfuscating metadata, and altering control flow so that the obfuscated .NET code is much harder to understand.

In addition to providing leading code protection, our obfuscator for .NET reduces application size and load times with metadata reduction and other techniques. Deployment of .NET applications can be simplified by applying our assembly linking features.

Obfuscation, By The Numbers:

  • 20,000+ users of our obfuscator for .NET demonstrate industry leadership.
  • 700+ regression tests ensure that our obfuscator for .NET tools work flawlessly in a broad variety of environments. Our obfuscation tool is subject to Microsoft's internal testing while new versions of the .NET framework are developed, so our obfuscator is always current.
  • 33 obfuscator features, requested by developers, to protect and improve your code.
  • 10 years commitment to providing maximum code protection. We have been building obfuscator technology as long as there has been a business!
  • One focus - ensuring your satisfaction with our code obfuscator, protection, and improvement tools.

If your .NET code contains intellectual property worth protecting, or could benefit from increased protection from internal or external hackers, your choice is Dotfuscator Obfuscator for .NET.

.NET Obfuscator Protects Visual Studio Code

.NET Obfuscator and .NET Obfuscation Features

Dotfuscator Professional is the only choice for obfuscating and improving the efficiency of .Net applications

Key Features Include:

Leading .NET Code Security

.NET Code Efficiency

Comprehensive and Efficient .NET Code Development and Deployment

  • Complete support for .Net Framework
  • Easy to use XML based configuration file.
  • Generated Map files allow you to interpret stack traces.
  • Incremental Obfuscation
  • Includes GUI and command line interface suitable for integrating into build environments.
  • Complete and accurate Users's Guide in PDF format
  • Support for Managed C++ modules
  • Powerful and easy to use command line interface
  • Comprehensive support for the .NET Compact Framework
  • Seamless obfuscation of satellite DLLs
  • Deep Integration with Visual Studio Project Builds.
  • Debugging support, including stack trace decoding.
  • Ability to include/exclude by custom attribute matching.
  • Full support and integration with Visual Studio 2005
  • Support for declarative obfuscation via standard custom attributes
  • Support for Generic Types and Methods
  • Many GUI improvements, including support for XP themes
  • Support for Pre and Post build events
  • Library mode selectable on a per assembly basis
  • Automatic strong named assembly re-signing after build
  • Improved algorithm for finding external assembly dependencies, with user specified assembly load path as fallback
  • Integration with MSBuild

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