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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Difference between .Net Remoting and Asp.Net Web Services ?

.Net Remoting Vs Asp.Net Web Services ?

  • ASP.NET Web Services Can be accessed only over HTTP but .Net Remoting Can be accessed over various protocols like TCP, HTTP, SMTP etc.

  • Web Services are based on stateless service architecture but .Net Remoting support for both stateful and stateless environment.

  • Web Services support heterogeneous environments means interoperability across platforms but .Net remoting requires .Net on both server and client end.

  • .NET Remoting provides the fast communication than Web Services when we use the TCP channel and the binary formatter.

  • Web services support only the objects that can be serialized but .NET Remoting can provide support to all objects that inherit MarshalByRefObject.

  • Web Services are reliable than .Net remoting because Web services are always hosted in IIS.

  • Web Services are ease to create and deploy but .Net remoting is bit complex to program.
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