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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roy on MbUnit for .NET

Roy talks about the various unit test frameworks and in particular talks about MbUnit. One of Roy's points I want to address.MbUnit is also one of the topics that I continually have a dilemma about using. Since its not the de-facto standard out there, I always feel there's a chance of it being frozen in mid development, making all those who depend on it frozen along with it.I think in answer to this is one of Jay's comments on Scott's postGoogle Groups: MbUnit.Dev - 62 Members with 60 posts last month MbUnit.User - 120 Members with 35 posts last month 8 Dev Leaders with rights to Subversion Here is the Svn FishEye: 4 Devs committing changes in Aug 264 files changes/28 revisions in...(read more)

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