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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Download Microsoft Robotics Studio

Download Microsoft Robotics Studio

New Simulation Support

    In addition to the move to the new XNA framework the following improvements have been added:
    • New support for simulating and controlling cameras, either one active at a time, or multiple concurrent camera rendering from different perspectives



    • Simulation Tutorial 2 expanded to include a LEGO NXT, plus a real-time simulation webcam mounted on the Pioneer P3DX
    • Support for Xbox 360 wired gamepad controllers enabling you to control the simulation camera view
    • Improved support for .OBJ file format (support for .X files has been removed)

    Improved Robot Support

    We have improved our support for the LEGO NXT and the Roomba.
    • LEGO NXT – We now support automatic download of the program loaded on the LEGO NXT brick to facilitate communication with your MSRS authored program. Now once you just set your BlueTooth connection between your PC and the LEGO NXT and you can just run your application. We have also added support for access to some the advanced commands that are available for the NXT.
    • iRobot Roomba – We added support for a drive service and a contact sensor service for the Roomba, making it easier to program for the Roomba.

    Improved Visual Programming Language

    We have enhanced the Microsoft Visual Programming Language. You will see a number of small improvements including the ability to use simple operators (in addition to C style) for the Calculate activity and values are now automatically converted to strings if your connection expects a string. There’s also a toolbar for common items, visible grid options, and debug support has been improved. We’ve also improved some of the services to make them more accessible and added a new string function service and a URL Launcher. We’re still not done with this yet and welcome your comments.

    New Devices Services

    We have enhanced support for DX9 (DirectInput) controllers and added support for Xbox 360 (XInput) controllers.

    Improved CCR and DSS Runtime

    We’ve made some significant improvements that has doubled message throughput within node (between services) and between nodes. XML footprint has been reduced by half. Peak message throughput on multiprocessor machines is now close to 90,000 SOAP messages per second, between services on the same node, and 2,500 messages between nodes (using TCP or HTTP, full serialization).

    There is also new CCR functionality for throttling task scheduling, greatly reducing code required for common robotic scenarios:

    • Throttling based on dispatcher queue size (keep last N items or throttle if queue is full)
    • Throttling based on scheduling (tasks/second)

    Improved Documentation and References

    We have also updated some of the UI for various services to make them more responsive and easier to interpret. For example, the Control Panel now allows for fast searching of services that can be started:

    Improved Setup and Installation of Gadgets

    The security settings for gadgets is now done automatically using an ActiveX object that after prompting the user for permission sets the right code access permissions for running gadgets within Internet Explorer. See the Advanced Robotics Tutorials for details.

    Download Microsoft Robotics Studio

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