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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10 reasons why server development is better with IIS7

Top reasons why server development is better with IIS7


All of the web server features are now managed as standalone components and can be easily added, removed, and replaced. This enables several key advantages over previous versions of IIS:

  1. Secure the server by reducing the attack surface area. Reducing surface area is one of the most powerful ways to secure a server system. With IIS7, you can remove all unused server features, achieving the minimum surface area possible while preserving the functionality of your application.
  2. Improve performance and reduce memory footprint. By removing unused server features, you can also reduce the memory usage of the server, and improve performance by reducing the amount of feature code that executes on every request to your application.
  3. Build custom / specialized servers. By selecting a particular set of server features, you can build custom servers that are optimized for performing a specific function within your application topology, such as edge caching or load balancing. You can add custom features to extend or replace any existing functionality using your own or third party server components built on the new extensibility APIs. The componentized architecture will provide long term benefits to the IIS community, by facilitating the development of new server features as they are needed both inside Microsoft and among third party developers.

IIS7 has also componentized the immensely powerful HTTP process activation model that IIS 6.0 introduced with Application Pools, and has extended it to be available for more than just web applications, receiving requests or messages over any protocol. This protocol independent service is called the Windows Process Activation Service. The Windows Communication Foundation ships with protocol adapters that can leverage the capabilities of the Windows Process Activation Service. This can dramatically improve the reliability and resource usage of WCF services.

Top reasons why server development is better with IIS7

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