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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Webresource.axd HttpHandler (Compression, Caching, Debug issues)

In ASP.NET 2.0 all client-side validations/postback functionality is done via Webresource.axd HttpHandler unlike ASP.NET 1.X (when all javascript functions were placed inside aspnet_client folder locally). This can cause some issues for example with compression, caching and debug.

See for example - Webresource.axd compression workaround issue. Also looks like that it never get cached in debug mode.

I wondered whether these issues might be solved directly. And it turns out that Webresource.axd could be easily found in Temporary Internet Files, since it returns pure javascript and it is possible to copy it and/or open it with notepad. I wonder if it is possible to manage the functionality provided by Webresource.axd without the use of HttpHandler but from the physical location (aka ASP.NET 1.X way) when you copy the file. Interesting whether it is possible to do it in elegant way to solve different kinds of compression/caching problems.

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