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Monday, September 18, 2006

.net Web Publishing Wizards for Crystal Reports

.net Web-based Crystal Reports delivery on your intranet.

B) Automated scheduling and delivery of Crystal Reports.

Schedule your Crystal Reports to be automatically emailed, printed, or saved to PDF and other formats with cViewMANAGER.   Step up to cViewSERVER to run the scheduler as a Windows Service and add remote schedule management with cViewREMOTE.

C) Crystal Reports viewer software installed on each PC.

Similar to Acrobat Reader for PDF files, cView allows you to view Crystal Report .rpt files.  cView can display a Crystal Report using data saved in the report file or refresh the report from the database.  cView supports printing and exporting to formats such as PDF, Word, and Excel.  A fully functional evaluation version  of cView is available for download.

ystal Reports
bulletEnhance charts and graphs in your Crystal Reports with CRChart.
bulletRun your Crystal Reports from a command line, batch file, or your own application using Crystal Command.
bulletReport Analyzer provides comprehensive documentation and performance tuning for your Crystal Reports.
bulletCrystal Translator allows you to easily localize your Crystal Reports for international users.
bulletFind problems fast and "get inside" your Crystal Report's execution using the powerful monitoring capabilities in Report Debugger.

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