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Friday, September 15, 2006

Using Barcodes in Crystal Report and with .NET

To day I have seen good information about crystal reports. we can easly work with barcodes in report using componets available here

Barcode UFL Plug-ins, Custom Functions and Formulas
for Business Objects Crystal Reports

Create barcodes in Crystal with our Bar Code UFL Plug-in, formulas and Report Custom Functions...







IDAutomation offers several methods of implementing barcodes in Crystal Reports to suit every need:

  1. For end users, IDAutomation's UFL (User Function Library) for Crystal Reports is an easy to install and use plug-in.
  2. For technical users, IDAutomation's IDAutomation Formulas for Crystal Reports allow distribution of a crystal report without the need for the Bar Code UFL.
  3. For developers using Crystal 9 or above, Report Custom Functions can be created from IDAutomation's formulas and placed into the Repository of Custom Functions.
  4. For some double byte language settings such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages, use the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font Advantage with IDAutomation's Crystal Reports UFL.
  5. NEW: If the client is using Crystal Version XI, bar-code images may be streamed from a server and dynamically placed in the report. This implementation does not require any fonts or software to be installed when using IDAutomation's hosted Dynamic Barcode Generator Service.

This product may be used royalty free if a license for one of IDAutomation's barcode fonts has been purchased.

When the Preview tab (or File - Print Preview) is selected the barcodes should be seen in the report.
When you choose the Preview tab you should see your barcodes in the report. 

Click here for Downloads and Full Information.


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