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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tools & Utilities for .NET

Tools & Utilities for .NET

Learn about these downloadable utilities, components, and related software components that can be used to enhance your ASP.NET development experience.   

Third Party Tools & Utilities

  • HunterStone

    Hunter Stone's WCE is a tool designed to make management of ASP.NET Web configuration (web.config) files quicker and easier. Web.Config Editor supports two modes—Simple Mode, used for editing a single web.config file, and Composite Mode, used for editing all web.config files that apply to an ASP.NET application.   

  • Macromedia - Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

    A great way to create professional Web sites is now an easy way to build powerful Internet applications. Get visual layout tools, extensive code-editing support, and rapid Web application development—all in one complete, integrated solution.   

  • Borland Delphi

    Borland Delphi provides the migration path to Microsoft .NET that developers have been waiting for. With Delphi, you are in control of a complete e-business development studio, with the freedom to easily take your solutions cross-platform to Linux.   

Microsoft Tools & Utilities

  • Visual Studio Home Page

    Home page for Microsoft Visual Studio with product information, technical information, samples and downloads, developer community information, and product news and reviews   

  • Web Application Stress Tool (WAST)

    The Microsoft WAS web stress tool is designed to realistically simulate multiple browsers requesting pages from a web site. You can use this tool to gather performance and stability information about your web application. This tool simulates a large number of requests with a relatively small number of client machines. The goal is to create an environment that is as close to production as possible so that you can find and eliminate problems in the web application prior to deployment.   

  • Get Web Matrix

    ASP.NET Web Matrix is a community-supported, easy-to-use WYSIWYG application development tool for ASP.NET. It can be installed by way of a quick 1.2-MB download (about 5 minutes using a 56Kb modem). Best of all, it's absolutely free.   

  • About Developing Reusable Libraries

    Learn how to develop reusable libraries that integrate well with the common language runtime and the Microsoft .NET vision. The .NET Framework team shares the experience it gained when developing these libraries, recommends good practices to follow, warns about potential pitfalls, and helps you successfully develop your own reusable libraries.   

  • Web Data Administrator

    The Web Data Administrator is a utility program implemented in ASP.NET that enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data wherever you are.   

  • Web Service Tools

    Try this set of tools on GotDotNet, including a DIME validator, a WSDL verification tool, a WSDL browser tool, and more.   

  • XML Tools on GotDotNet

    Download Microsoft XML tools and utilities to help you develop XML applications, including Microsoft XML Diff and Patch, XSD Schema Validator, and Microsoft XSD Inference Utility 1.0.   

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