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Monday, September 04, 2006

Standard ASP.NET Namespaces

Standard ASP.NET Namespaces

The classes contained in a select number of namespaces are available in your ASP.NET pages by default. (You must explicitly import other namespaces.) These default namespaces contain classes that you use most often in your ASP.NET applications:

  • System— Contains all the base data types and other useful classes such as those related to generating random numbers and working with dates and times.

  • System.Collections— Contains classes for working with standard collection types such as hash tables, and array lists.

  • System.Collections.Specialized— Contains classes that represent specialized collections such as linked lists and string collections.

  • System.Configuration— Contains classes for working with configuration files (Web.config files).

  • System.Text— Contains classes for encoding, decoding, and manipulating the contents of strings.

  • System.Text.RegularExpressions— Contains classes for performing regular expression match and replace operations.

  • System.Web— Contains the basic classes for working with the World Wide Web, including classes for representing browser requests and server responses.

  • System.Web.Caching— Contains classes used for caching the content of pages and classes for performing custom caching operations.

  • System.Web.Security— Contains classes for implementing authentication and authorization such as Forms and Passport authentication.

  • System.Web.SessionState— Contains classes for implementing session state.

  • System.Web.UI— Contains the basic classes used in building the user interface of ASP.NET pages.

  • System.Web.UI.HTMLControls— Contains the classes for the HTML controls.

  • System.Web.UI.WebControls— Contains the classes for the Web controls.

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