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Monday, September 11, 2006

Programming MSMQ in .NET - Part 1

Programming MSMQ in .NET - Part 1


Talk of enterprise applications, things that come to your mind are transactions ,messaging etc. Talk of messaging, what strikes immediately is MSMQ which stands for Microsoft Message Queuing. MSMQ provides a great framework for applications that use messaging infrastructure. 

In this article I will discuss very elementary concepts of MSMQ programming like creating a queue, writing a message to the queue and receiving from it etc.


Basic Messaging

Let me take a couple of minutes here to explain what messaging is. Here, you have two applications: a sending application and a receiving application. A sending application prepares a message and puts it into a queue. A message can be any piece of information that the receiving application understands. The receiving application receives the message from the queue and processes it. One thing to note here is that the sender and the receiver are not tightly coupled and they can work without the other application being online.

Programming MSMQ in .NET - Part 1

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