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Monday, September 11, 2006

Overview of Commerce Server 2007 for .NET Developers

Overview of Commerce Server 2007 for .NET Developers

The next version of Commerce Server, scheduled for release in early 2006, is being developed for enterprises to accelerate and automate the delivery of online services and products to drive revenue growth and reduce operational costs. Microsoft will continue to provide the enterprise scalability and reliability that you have come to rely on. Commerce Server 2007 will build on 10 years experience of combining catalog and customer management, merchandising, and analytics into a flexible business-to-exchange (B2X) sell-side commerce platform.

Find out how your organization can benefit from Commerce Server 2007.

Connected Commerce: An Integrated Demand Chain

Operations will be streamlined and greater service delivered by integrating the demand chain. Specifically, Commerce Server 2007 will help enterprises:

Connect seamlessly to internal and partner applications and systems such as SAP, MBS, JD Edwards, and others through Microsoft BizTalk Server adapters. Commerce Server 2007 will also provide profile, order, inventory, and catalog subsystem adapters for BizTalk Server to accelerate and automate the delivery of products and services.

Manage and share business data through industry-standard Web Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Extensible Markup Language (XML) protocols. All core subsystems will be Web-service enabled to facilitate business data management and updates.

Provide customers and partners with Web-based self service through access to order status and inventory availability, wish lists, and order change management.

Exchange and aggregate product catalog information from across your business and from trading partners to present expanded product and service line offerings.

Overview of Commerce Server 2007 for .NET Developers

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