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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Download Nevron Chart for .NET, Nevron Diagram for .NET

1) Nevron Chart for .NET (Windows Forms and ASP.NET)

This is the charting component of the suite.  Functionality is available for a Windows environment and an ASP.NET environment.  Nevron has really gone above and beyond here with the available chart types.  As an intern, I have not yet done a lot of work with charting and can honestly say that I do not even know what some of these charts would be used for (This is not a negative statement- I know they all have a function!).

2) Nevron Diagram for .NET

This is fairly self explanatory.  This part of Nevron's suite includes diagramming functionality that is just as powerful as the charting.  These diagrams, like the charts, can be used in Windows Forms or ASP.NET.  Again, these are very attractive components; users can create trees, flow charts, organizational charts, science diagrams and much more.  Just download the trial version and look at the examples.  There is a lot of very nice stuff to work with here.

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