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Friday, September 08, 2006

Download .NET Logging Application Block

Brief Description
Application block that builds on the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF).


The logging block provides extensions to the EIF architecture that help to address the common usage scenarios for logging. These include:
• Formatting of event information
• Configurable log levels
• Enhanced information in the published events
• Asynchronous logging
• Reliable logging
• Centralized logging
• Request tracing for Web services
• Metering for Web services
• EIF publisher for Exception Management Block

Important Information: A newer version of this application block has been released as a part of the patterns & practices Enterprise Library. The new version includes updated functionality based on customer feedback, as well as improved extensibility, ease of use, and consistency and integration with other blocks in Enterprise Library. The application block you have requested is still available for download but is now considered as an archive release.

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