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Friday, September 15, 2006

Creating Crystal Reports and Showing using .NET Windows Forms

Previewing Crystal Reports with a Windows Form

After creating the Employee List report in the previous section, you can preview it using either a Windows Form or and ASP.NET application. This section shows you how to preview it from a Windows Form. ASP.NET is covered in the next section.

Previewing the report requires modifying the form. When you created the new project, Form1 should have been automatically added to the project for you. Open Form1 in design mode and add a CrystalReportViewer control to it. This is normally listed as the last component in the Windows Forms section of the Toolbox. Resize the viewer so that it fills up the entire form. Do this by finding its Dock property and clicking on the drop-down box. Click on the middle square so that the property is set to Fill.

The viewer control has many ways to preview reports. This example uses the ReportDocument component because it is the easiest of the choices. Add the ReportDocument component to the form by double-clicking on it from the Componets section of the Toolbox. A Choose a ReportDocument dialog box automatically appears, allowing you to select which report to display. The dropdown control lists all the reports that are part of your project. For this example, it only shows the Employee List report.

Previewing Crystal Reports with a Windows Form

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