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Monday, September 11, 2006

Cool new IIS7 Features for .NET and APIs

Cool new IIS7 Features for .NET and APIs

IIS7 is a major upgrade of IIS, and will ship in both Windows Vista as well as Windows Longhorn Server.  It includes a ton of new functionality, including some very rich integration with ASP.NET.  This includes:

1) The ability to now have HttpModules and HttpHandlers participate in all requests to a server.  You no longer need to map requests to the ASP.NET ISAPI in order to write managed modules that participate in requests.  This makes building modules for flexible authentication, authorization, logging, url-rewriting, auditing, etc. super easy with .NET.  You could even now have an ASP.NET HttpModule provide forms-authentication to a PHP or JSP page (in addition to .htm files and static files like images and movies).

2) Integration of the ASP.NET configuration system with IIS.  IIS now uses the same web.config configuration model as ASP.NET, which means you can have both ASP.NET and IIS configuration settings in the same file together.  You can now set things like default pages, IIS security, logging, etc within a web.config file and xcopy/ftp it to a server.  This should simplify deployment and installation of applications considerably.  It also enables "delegated administration" for hosting scenarios -- where a hoster provides the application developer the ability to configure certain settings in their web.config file without requiring full admin privledges.

3) An integrated Admin UI tool that manages both IIS and ASP.NET settings together.  Included within this rich GUI is support for things like the Membership, Roles and Profile providers (so you can create/delete users directly within the GUI tool -- regardless of what provider is configured).  The admin tool also supports remote delegated admin over http -- which means you can point the rich-client admin tool at a shared hoster server and manage your users/roles/profile settings remotely over http (which is pretty cool).

Cool new IIS7 Features for .NET and APIs

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