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Saturday, September 02, 2006

ASP.NET's Adaptive Rendering

ASP.NET Web pages, as you know, are made up of an HTML portion and a source code portion. The HTML portion contains a mix of HTML markup along with Web controls. When the ASP.NET Web page is visited, the Web controls are rendered into HTML markup. The static HTML markup, along with the rendered Web controls markup, is sent back to the visitor that requested the page, and displayed in their browser.

The HTML rendered by Web controls, though, depends on the browser requesting the ASP.NET Web page. For this reason, ASP.NET Web controls are called adaptive. For example, if a visitor requests a page using Internet Explorer 6.0, they'll receive HTML 4.0-compliant markup; for example, a Label Web control whose ForeColor property were set to Red would render the following markup:

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