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Saturday, September 02, 2006

ASP.NET Web Matrix Project Guided Tour

Getting Started
This walkthrough will take approximately 2 minutes to complete
Welcome to the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project Guided Tour

The ASP.NET Web Matrix Project Guided Tour is a series of walkthroughs and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint developers with the syntax, architecture, and power of the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project development environment. The walkthrough samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of ASP.NET Web Matrix Project features.

Please visit the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project online Discussion Forums (located under the "Forums" tab of for help or questions about ASP.NET Web Matrix Project and this Guided Tour.



What Level of Expertise Is Assumed in the Guided Tour?

You should be fluent in HTML and general Web development terminology. You do not need previous ASP.NET experience for most of the walkthroughs, although you should be familiar with the general web concepts behind interactive Web pages, including forms, XML, and data access.

For a walkthrough of ASP.NET itself, please review the ASP.NET QuickStart Tutorial at:

Contine the Tutorial

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