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Friday, September 01, 2006

ADO.NET and Cloudscape

ADO.NET support is available for IBM® Cloudscape™ Version 10.0 and Apache Derby databases with Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), .NET Data Provider, and the IBM DB2® Run-Time client. This article is organized into sections describing Derby/Cloudscape's ADO.NET requirements, setup, and examples.


With DB2 Run-Time Client's ODBC support, client developers who work with Cloudscape or Derby are not limited to using the Java™programming language. You can access data in other programming languages such as C/C++, Perl, and .NET using the ODBC interface. This article focuses on accessing data from IBM Cloudscape Version 10.0 and Apache Derby databases using ODBC .NET Data Provider and the DB2 Run-Time Client.

ADO.NET is Microsoft's latest data access technology since ADO/OLE DB. It is a set of data access interfaces and libraries for the Microsoft .NET platform designed with XML integration, disconnected data access, and greater update control.

The ADO.NET object model is comprised of a set of "Connected" and "Disconnected" objects, known as the .NET Data Provider and the Data Set. The .NET data provider acts as a data driver between the .NET application and the underlying data source. It establishes database connections directly to perform database operations such as data updates and result set retrieval.

The ODBC .NET Data Provider is a managed component that enables .NET applications to access an ODBC data source through an ODBC driver. The IBM ODBC Driver is packaged with the DB2 Runtime Client and is needed to enable ADO.NET support for Cloudscape/Derby. With .NET Framework Version 1.1, the ODBC .NET Data Provider is included as part of the framework and its namespace is System.Data.Odbc. With .NET Framework v1.0, the ODBC .NET Data Provider is provided separately and its namespace is Microsoft.Data.Odbc.

The Data Set serves as an offline data cache for .NET applications. Applications have complete update control over over how data changes are submitted between the in-memory cache data set and the underlying data source through ADO.NET methods.

To learn more about ADO.NET, see the resources section of this document.

IBM Cloudscape is IBM's commercial release of the Apache Derby open source database.

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