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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Active Directory in C# and .NET

Active Directory and .NET by Erika Ehrli Cabral. June 22, 2005.
Microsoft Technet offers a script repository to work with AD User Accounts; however, I needed to work with .NET and I could not find samples for all the tasks I needed to program. I promised to myself that one day I would publish the code samples I found and created to help other developers who are working with Directory Services. So, I wish you a happy AD.NET programming and I hope my work saves you some time.
Adding new Windows User Account using Active Directory by Tiberiu Ionescu. May 21, 2005.
This article uses Active Directory to add new user account. The Active Directory will be accessed using windows native protocol (not LDAP).
Active Directory and Microsoft .NET by John Charles Olamendy Turruellas. Oct 18, 2004.
Microsoft® Active Directory® is a directory service that provides the foundation for distributed networks built on Windows 2000 and later domain controllers. The Active Directory APIs defined in the .NET Framework provide access to the data stored in a directory.
LDAP, IIS and WinNT Directory Services by Klaus Salchner. Aug 05, 2004.
Directory Services have gained a lot of traction over the last few years. Directories are repositories of information and can be utilized in many different ways. This article starts with the introduction of directory services and and active directory application mode. After that we see IIS and directory service providers. In the end we discuss .NET directory services and how to use directory services related classes available in the .NET Framework.
Forms Authentication with Active Directory by Rohit Kshirsagar. Feb 05, 2004.
This article and sample code explains how you can take advantage of Active Directory in Web applications for authenticate and authorize the Web site users.
Directory Services Vs Database by Anand Narayan. Feb 06, 2004.
When storing user information, developers can have two choices to choose from - Active directory and a relational database. This article sheds lights on usefulness of each of these and when to use one over the other and vice versa.
Listing Active Directory Users by John O'Donnell. June 02, 2003.
The attached source code shows you how to list an active directory users in .NET using C#.
ADHelper- An Active Directory Class by Craig Aroa. Sep 18, 2002.
Working on my latest project required quite a degree of development against the Active Directory.
Listing All Computers in Active Directory by John O'Donnell.  Aug 27, 2002.
This application does one simple task. On any network where Microsoft Active Directory is used it will list all computers on the network. I faced this problem when I wanted to document all of the computers on the network using WMI .
Changing User Information using Active Directory  by John O'Dennell  Aug 14, 2002.
If your company is one of the lucky? Ones to implement Windows 2000 Active Directory you may have been looking for a way to populate it with data. Perhaps adding people’s details from a file directly into the active directory.
Using Active Directory Vivek Sharma Jul 31, 2002.
This sample code can sense current context in Active Directory, checks for the existence of attributes, provides a list of all the attributes in Active Directory and can add a user to Active Directory.
Working with System.IO.Directory Class in C# by Chandra Hundigam. Jul 22, 2002.
This article is focused on understanding the Directory class of System.IO namespace.
Active Directory Sample 1 by John O'Donnell. Aug 21, 2001.
This sample shows how to access Active Directory information in a Windows 2000 domain.

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