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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is Grasshopper for Visual Studio .NET?

For most .NET developers, there is simply no substitute for the Visual Studio .NET® IDE, the .NET Framework and either VB.NET or C#. J2EE-enabled servers are now as easy to deploy to as Windows, using Mainsoft's Visual MainWin for J2EE product suite.

Grasshopper, the freely available Visual MainWin® for J2EE, Developer Edition, is a plug-in to the Visual Studio .NET IDE that enables .NET developers to port existing ASP.NET and server applications to J2EE servers. Developers can also use .NET skills to develop, debug, and deploy server and Web applications from within the Visual Studio .NET development environment, and run applications natively on the J2EE platform. Grasshopper is designed for small user group deployments. It offers a useful subset of the features included in the Enterprise and Portal Editions, and comes with no support and no warranty. Applications can be deployed on the Apache Tomcat application server, running on a single-CPU computer. To read the Visual MainWin Developer Edition license agreement, click here.

In addition to Grasshopper, two other versions of Visual MainWin for J2EE are available for enterprise customers:

  • Visual MainWin for J2EE, Enterprise Edition, provides developer and production support from Mainsoft, as well as application deployment on multi-CPU servers running fully-featured J2EE application servers, including IBM WebSphere®, BEA WebLogic®, and JBoss®.

  • Visual MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition, introduces .NET extensions for IBM WebSphere Portal, enabling enterprises to run ASP.NET applications natively on IBM WebSphere Portal. Using the Portal Edition of Visual MainWin, .NET developers can rapidly deploy ASP.NET applications as pure JSR 168 portlets, making it faster and easier to realize the benefits of a fully integrated, heterogeneous portal environment, with easy access to WebSphere Portal's advanced end-user features, including an end-to-end, single sign-on experience; consistent branding across ASP.NET and Java applications; full click-to-action support between ASP.NET and Java portlets; workplace people awareness for ASP.NET applications; and full integration into WebSphere Portal navigation.

Key features

MSIL to Java bytecode compilation

Visual MainWin introduces a patent-pending compiler that compiles Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) into standard Java bytecode. The Visual MainWin binary compiler is based on the ECMA 334 and 335 standards and the Java Virtual Machine specification.

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