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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Visual Studio .NET IDE for Linux!


We all know and love the Visual Studio .NET® IDE, but did you know that you can use it to build server applications that run on Linux®? Discover how with Visual MainWin® for J2EE™ from Mainsoft.

Figure 1:Your ASP.NET application running on Linux ?

Take a look at Figure 1. It’s clearly an ASP.NET application, and it’s clearly running on Linux. That’s easy, you might think, you can build an ASP.NET application, run it on Microsoft® Windows® under Internet Information Services (IIS) and browse to it using a browser such as FireFox on a Linux client. You’d be right, but look again. In the screen shot, your ASPX is running on localhost, the Linux box itself. With Visual MainWin for J2EE, also known as Grasshopper, you can do this easily, without changing your existing .NET code.

Therefore, you can say that Visual Studio .NET + Grasshopper = Visual Studio.NET for Linux!

Consider this – many companies have Linux on their radar for some form of inclusion in their strategy, be it on the desktop or in the data center. To build applications for Linux, you would probably have to learn a new skill set such as GTK or Java™. For server side or hosted applications, the logical candidate is usually J2EE, due to its cross platform nature and its well-known security, manageability, performance and scalability characteristics. However, to develop J2EE applications, you need to learn the Java language, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC for database connection, and even Enterprise Java Beans for distributed applications.

What if, as an alternative, you could broaden the reach of your skills to Linux and other Java-enabled platforms, and as a result, extend yourself (and your resume) in a new and exciting area? What if you could do this without rewriting most of your code, and instead re-use your existing C# code? Not only that, but would you like to contribute to the Mono™ project – the creation of an open source .NET framework for Linux? Well you can, and you can do it today, with Grasshopper, a

freely available download from Mainsoft.


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