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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Visual MainWin .NET Framework

Open source .NET Framework

Visual MainWin for J2EE provides the .NET Framework class library on top of Apache Tomcat, implementing ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, Web services and .NET server-side runtime services. Its .NET Framework sources are shared with Mono, the open source .NET implementation. The C# Mono sources are compiled to Java bytecode, using Mainsoft’s binary compiler.

Visual MainWin for J2EE packages the Mono sources as Visual Studio projects. You can download the source code, modify it, compile, debug and test the code, all from the Visual Studio IDE.

J2EE compliant applications

Visual MainWin for J2EE produces pure Java deployment packages that can be deployed on any J2EE compliant application server, on any platform, using regular J2EE deployment tools. Applications compiled with the Visual MainWin binary compiler can be validated using the SUN Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise. Applications compiled with the Enterprise and Portal Editions can be validated Ready for WebSphere Software.

Visual Studio integration

All Visual MainWin editions are seamlessly integrated inside the Visual Studio .NET IDE, making Linux development as easy as .NET development.

  • Enhanced Visual Studio .NET editing capabilities

    The cross-platform development solution maintains all the functionalities of the enhanced Visual Studio .NET editor and extends it to Java components. So advanced productivity features like IntelliSense, code navigation and automatic errors detection are available even when accessing referenced Java components.

  • Cross-platform debugger

    It also extends the Visual Studio .NET integrated debugger to Java bytecode running on Apache Tomcat. Advanced debugging features of the Visual Studio .NET IDE, such as Watch windows, dynamic expression evaluations and conditional breakpoints, are supported.

  • Web application and Web services support

    Visual MainWin enables creation of interactive Web applications and Web services using the ASP.NET model and RAD tools, including ASP.NET Web controls, provided by Visual Studio .NET.

  • Help system

    The Visual MainWin help system integrates into the MSDN collection of books and provides support for search, index, content and dynamic help. With the help system you can determine if a .NET class or member is supported and if there are any usage limitations. In addition, Visual MainWin provides a new MSDN book that describes the Java runtime classes and interfaces.

Access to external Java components

You can access external Java components regardless of the Java development environment in which they were originally developed. You can also reference and use Java JAR files, from your C# or Visual Basic .NET code, which may have been developed by your colleagues or by a third party. Referenced Java classes are first-class citizens in the Visual Studio .NET environment, taking full advantage of features such as the Object browser and IntelliSense.


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