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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tools for Windows XP

 Change XP Log On Screen Colors (registry hack) - Tired of that same baby-blue color on your XP login screen? Need something different? Did you know Microsoft actually has three default "shell styles" for XP Luna? Homestead, metallic, and NormalColor? It does!

Change your XP user account image (system tweak) - Don't feel a duck, frog, or chess piece really represents the true l33t skillz you have as a computer user? Don't settle for the pictures Microsoft gives you, make and set your own! Simply and quickly! (hacks, software and tips) - Tons of useful registry hacks, user tips, and software leads. For starters, since we are on the subject, start out with the User Interface Tweaks page. Explore the additional categories at your leisure.

Toss out the Start-Run method of launching your applications. Yes. I've put RocketDock at the top, but there are a slew of additional ones. Scott "Computer Zen" Hanselman guides you through the best.

 Google Desktop (freeware) - Can't mess with Windows and not mention something from Google. Gadgets, clocks, meters, media player launcher, birthday reminder, sidebars, search enhancements, Google integrations. Whew! Do these guys ever sleep?

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