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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


PHP and ASP.NET Go Head-to-Head

When it comes to Web development these days, you have a lot of options. Many of these methods involve preprocessing—that is, embedding code into HTML pages with special tags that signal to a preprocessor that they contain code, and that it should do something with it. Much like a CGI, this code is then run on the server, and it returns some content, which then assumes part of the shape of the resulting HTML page sent back to the browser. Both the open source scripting language PHP and languages within Microsoft's ASP.NET framework fall into this category; JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Perl/Mason operate this way as well.

In this article I'll focus on PHP, the technology Oracle has chosen to incorporate into its products, and ASP.NET. I'll overview the various strengths and weaknesses of each, discussing in particular those areas that will help you make your decision on which to go with for your development project. There are a lot of factors to consider, and different projects may appeal to a different technology. In conclusion you'll find a point-by-point comparison in terms of price, speed and efficiency, security, cross-platform support, and the advantages of an open source solution.

1. What is ASP.NET?
   Strengths and Weaknesses
2. What is PHP?
   Strengths and Weaknesses
3. What's New in PHP 5?
4. Security Comparison

5. Database Coding Examples
Connecting to a database is one of the first things you'll consider doing in PHP or ASP.NET. With ASP.NET, however, it's a little more complicated, because you have the option of any of a number of languages to choose from. Of course, these code samples would have to be embedded into an HTML page, the classes instantiated, and so on. The following information, however, will give you an idea of the coding styles for each.

      PHP 5 Connecting to Oracle
      ASP.NET Connecting to Oracle

Making the Choice 
   Speed and efficiency
   Cross-platform applicability.

   Open source opportunity

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