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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mono ASP.NET with XSP and Apache


This article is the second article in the series of introductory articles that I am writing about Mono, the "open source development platform based on the .NET framework". In this article we'll take a look at how to get going with ASP.NET on the Mono platform. Although ASP.NET is not part of the ECMA and ISO standards mentioned in the first article[^], it is still one of the major selling points of the .NET platform and provides an extremely flexible and powerful platform for developing web applications and Web Services upon. Although you can develop ASP.NET applications for Mono on a number of different operating systems this article will focus mainly on Linux, although, in saying that, I do look briefly at getting XSP running on Windows. The reason I will concentrate on ASP.NET on Linux is because those people interested in ASP.NET on Windows have an extremely powerful option at their fingertips in the form IIS and I would whole heartedly recommend using it for ASP.NET on Windows.

Where does ASP.NET stand with Mono??

The latest stable version of Mono, version 1.0.5, has a fully functional implementation of ASP.NET. This includes full support for ASP.NET Web Forms and Web Services. This essentially means that more or less any ASP.NET application that you have developed using with the .NET Framework will work with Mono. Obviously there might be changes needed, such as data access changes, removal of any reliance on .NET Framework BCL types that are not implemented in Mono yet, and also the removal of any code that makes use of platform invoke and so on. At this stage the ASP.NET support in Mono can be considered as excellent and a lot of publicly available web applications already make use of Mono's ASP.NET support. According to the Mono site the Mono Web Services stack is being used in the source control application Vault[^] by SourceGear and aspects of Mono's ASP.NET implementation are also used in the Virtuoso[^] product from OpenLink.

What are XSP and mod_mono?

There isn't much point in developing web applications and Web Services if you have no way of serving them, is there? Traditionally you would use IIS to host ASP.NET applications on Windows, although there are some other free ASP.NET web servers available such as Cassini[^]. However, when using ASP.NET with Mono you have two main options as regards which web server to host your ASP.NET applications in:

  • XSP
  • Apache

In this article we look at using both XSP (on Windows and Linux) and Apache to host your ASP.NET web applications and Web Services.

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